hello, i'm karen choe. i'm an artist based in brooklyn, new york, originally from seattle, washington.

inspirations include david lynch, salvador dali, stanley kubrick, j.a.w. cooper, and many more in surrealism and psychological horror

bachelors degree in psychology, philosophy, minor in child and adolescent mental health from new york university '16, current field in mental health and healthcare, pursuing a career in clinical psych 

art has been incorporated through: 

out of step books publishingslithers and scales of inspiration: the reptile art project 2016

RAW exhibitraw brooklyn presents verse, june 14, 2017 @ brooklyn night bazaar

various research and journal publications 

graphic shirts/sweaters, prints, stickers

all artwork has been copyrighted, do not use without artist consent. please note that the purchase of any artwork does not transfer any rights to the purchaser, unless otherwise specified. images may not be printed, copied or reproduced in any way without prior approval from acidpaint. artwork sold is for the use of private consumption only, and not for resale.