about karen choe

‘acidpaint’ is my art and design brand. i work full-time in healthcare by day, and do freelance illustrations by night.

i grew up in seattle, washington. i moved to nyc to study psychology, philosophy, and child and adolescent mental health at new york university (2016). i have been residing in brooklyn, new york for several years now where i have been able to both cultivate a studio space within my home and share my art through publications, local shows, and conventions. i take inspiration from the surrealist cultural movement in the 1920s, from my favorite director artists, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Hayao Miyazaki, my favorite philosophers, jean sartre and soren kierkegaard. i love tools as simple as pen and ink to translate my dream sequences onto paper. to me, art is therapy as it captures the lens through which i see my life, transparent, fluid, and fickle. with any of my pieces, whether it is an unfinished sketch or full painting, i remember when, why, and how i created. over the years, i have used art to find clarity and assume responsibility for my actions. compounded with my studies and experiences in the mental health field, i have also been able to teach art therapy as an expressive tool for building empathy and resilience.

the name ‘acidpaint’ is rooted in two processes: hydrochloric acid is a common ingredient used to remove old paint. acid rain is harmful rainfall from atmospheric pollution, caused by industrial burning coal and other fossil fuels. I created @acidpaint on Instagram in 2014 to hold myself accountable in drawing as a hobby, but discovered it to be an effective means to communicate to people through art. I enjoy using art to display how our cultural addiction of consumerism has adverse effects on wildlife. The climate crisis is not from any particular form of consumption, but rather the way we globally produce for profit than for sustainability. You don’t clean acid out of something. You use acid to clean, to erase, to destroy, much like the way we are painting our natural environment with contaminants.

commissions are currently closed. i will be opening again in early 2019, so please don’t hesitate to email me acidpaint.contact@gmail.com to inquire about my freelance services.